What Should I Do with My 401k?

What Should I Do with My 401(k)? from the NY Daily News http://www.nydailynews.com/money/2008/09/15/2008-09-15_what_should_i_do_with_my_401k_in_a_diffi.html THE ASSOCIATED PRESS  Tuesday, September 16th 2008, 3:08 PM DES MOINES, Iowa – With such a volatile financial services market, 401(k) holders are nervous about whether they should be making changes in their portfolios. The Associated Press spoke with financial advisers about … Continue reading What Should I Do with My 401k?

Los Angeles Realtor: Lynn Shepodd

“Lynn and I go way back – I have no qualms at all about recommending her to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate in Los Angeles” Jeri L. Peterson The information below is from http://www.sothebyshomes.com/socal/agents/Lynn.Shepodd LYNN SHEPODD Contact Information LYNN SHEPODD Email this Agent Tel: (323) 665-1700 Fax: (323) 665-1780 Los Feliz Brokerage … Continue reading Los Angeles Realtor: Lynn Shepodd

5 Home Loan Modification Myths

5 Home Loan Modification Myths Author: Jenny Evans Published: Mar 16, 2009 Loan modification prevents foreclosure for many homeowners. Separate fact from fiction by learning the 5 most common misconceptions about mortgage adjustments. With the current economic crisis, many homeowners are considering loan modification as a way to avoid foreclosure. But even the most educated … Continue reading 5 Home Loan Modification Myths

Financial Statements Using QuickBooks

If you are using QuickBooks for your business and want to prepare Financial Statements you may find the following information of value. For more information about QuickBooks please check out my post that describes this very popular Intuit business accounting product. For more information about Financial Statements please refer to my post describing them. In … Continue reading Financial Statements Using QuickBooks

New Tax Guide

I’ve just picked up a copy of the “New Tax Guide for Writers, Artists, Performers, & Other Creative People” © 2009 by Peter Jason Riley, CPA.   I plan to use this along with some online resources and my own personal knowledge of individual and small business accounting and taxation to arrive at a software solution writers … Continue reading New Tax Guide